Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Gallowwalkers' Trailer: Wesley Snipes Fights Against Zombies

After a very long time, the badass Wesley Snipes is back as a cursed cowboy in the new western horror film "Gallowwalkers".

Wesley Snipes will star with Riley Smith and Tanit Phoenix in this new zombie movie directed by Andrew Goth. Snipes' character Aman has a curse that brings his victims back to life. These undead zombies forms up a gang and comes after him. Aman teams up with another young gunman to fight these zombies in Gallowwalkers movie. Check out all the action in the first trailer.

Ever since I saw "Blade", I've been a huge fan of Wesley Snipes. Over the past few years I've really missed the guy and I'm sure he will kick-some zombie ass for our entertainment in this movie. Gallowwalkers has been in debate since 2005. Back then it was titled The Wretched. And then after a while it was released in the UK last year. Now it will finally set to arrive in the US on July 19th, 2013.

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