Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alex Cox to Kickstart 'Bill the Galactic Hero' Movie

Alex Cox, the guy who brought you movies like Repo Man (1984) and Straight to Hell (1987), is now planning to revive a humorous classic sci-fi novel 'Bill the Galactic Hero' by turning it into an awesome movie.

Cox is currently heading for a $100,000 goal to make this film real. He explains his movie like this -
"BILL, THE GALACTIC HERO is a feature-length science fiction comedy set in the far reaches of our galaxy, as humans wage war against a reptilian alien species, known as Chingers. It is extremely low budget, and relatively high concept." 

Apparently, some students at the University of Colorado are helping with most of this movie's work so he's been able to squeeze this into a low budget. According to the Kickstarter page, film will begin and end as an animated cartoon, while other parts of the fill fill be shot live action, including real people with space-suites and it will be shot on 35mm black and white film.

Head over to Kickstarter for more info and make a pledge to help make this film happen.

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