Monday, March 4, 2013

'Wreck-it Ralph' Review - A Movie All Gamers Must Watch

As soon as it was released as a digital download, I managed to get my hands on this awesome animated movie. But, I couldn't find time to write a detailed review up until now. So, here it is. Read along and find out if this latest Disney animated movie lives up to its' hype.


This film takes us to a digital world, showing what happens after the Arcade closes at night. In this film, those programmed game characters inside arcade games have a life outside their games and just like in real life there are good guys and bad guys as well. But, all these bad guys aren't so bad at all.

Wreck-it Ralph (John C. Reilly) is one of those bad guys who wrecks stuff as his job in the video game Fix-it-Felix.jr. He starts to feel left out and desperately wants to be a good guy. But the society doesn't accept him as a good guy. So, Ralph embarks on a journey across video games, to earn some respect. On this journey he screws up big time in the game called Heores of Duty when he escapes with a dangerous virus and lands on a game called Sugar Rush. In this game he meets a cute little girl named Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) that lives alone, rejected by society, just like Ralph. He teams up with this girl to make their both dreams come true. But, this gets interrupted by an old bad guy from the video game Turbo Tastic. Things get much worse when the virus that came with Ralph starts to infect the entire game. In the mean time Fix‑It Felix  (Jack McBrayer) comes looking for Ralph and gets into trouble on his own.

First Impressions 

It's awesome. It's Turbo Tastic. This film restores faith in Disney animated movies. Nuff said.

The Good

Wreck-it Ralph is one of the best animated movies I've seen in years. It's simply amazing, mostly because it has a lot of video games references, which is the main reason why I decided to watch this film. Old-school arcade game players would love this movie as much as I had. You'll get to see a lot of beloved game characters from old video games in this film, including PacMan, Mario, Sonic and many more.

Although, this movie is not all about video games. It has a several great inspirational stories inside it, showing that even the bad guys can be good guys with a little effort and also shows why we shouldn't tread different for other people.

When talking about technical stuff, Wreck-it Ralph has really smooth 3D animations, awesome video game-inspired music and great character animation that looks like in video games. The perfect editing of the film makes it a perfect 101 minute run.

The Bad

There's not much bad to say about the film except for the Rihanna's "Shut up and Drive" song, which I find inappropriate for a kids movie. And I also wish there was more game references.


It's a fun / thrilling ride from the beginning till the end of Wreck-it Ralph. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to Wreck-It Ralph part 2, which is said to be already in development.  My advice - Must watch movie for everyone who loves video games.

Overall Rating

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