Sunday, June 9, 2013

How Xbox One Can Revolutionize Home Entertainment

Just a few days ago, Microsoft introduced its’ latest gaming console, Xbox One with the sole purpose of changing the ways of home entertainment. It’s now clear that this new device is not just a next generation gaming console, it’s also an all-in-one entertainment system that will soon take over all the living rooms around the world.

The Xbox One had few disappointing improvements that most gamers thought would make the new console no better than the old Xbox 360. The non-replaceable limited 500GB hard drive, inability play previous generation games, and the requirement of having an Internet connection, are only some of them.

Even though the Xbox One lacks in certain aspects of next-gen gaming consoles, it has some qualities that confirms its’ position in the market. This device is powerful enough to change the way you watch TV by removing the need of a remote control and bringing gesture and voice control to even the low-tech TVs via Kinect. And also, you won’t be needing a separate Bluray player, ever again. All this comes in addition to the futuristic gaming experience.

Most importantly, Xbox One seems to have the ability to even change the ways of advertising. A recent Forbes article pointed out the facts and possibility of Xbox One changing advertising forever. Which would allow us to find certain products browsing the Internet while watching our favorite shows and purchase them by just shouting a word. For example, let’s say you’re watching the Dexter TV show and you want to know what type of a phone Dexter is using. With Xbox One you could just shout “Pause, what is Dexter’s phone model” to find the specific information about a certain product promoted in the show, without even taking your eyes away from the TV. How great would that be?

These advanced promotional and advertising methods are not yet possible, but it won’t take long for it to become a reality. Even the fact that you can do all the things like watch TV, buy new games, watch movies, play games, make Skype calls and so much more with one small device is certainly an amazing achievement. Soon, you will be sitting in your living room enjoying a whole new experience of home entertainment. Now how can you not call this “Revolutionary”.

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