Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Funny Illustrations Show What Movie & TV Villains Do in Their Free Time

I've often wondered what it would look like if someone made a drama movie with all the popular superheroes and villains as main characters, with no fights or evil plans but just their everyday lives. Well, you may think that these guys don't have time for any of those normal, boring stuff. But, as you can see in these pictures, they seem to have a life beyond fighting each other and destroying the world.

These illustrations imagined by Kiersten Essenpreis shows exactly what our beloved villains from movies and TV shows would do in their day off. Check them out.

Joker putting smiles on faces

Alien visiting the vet

Shredder & Krang enjoying a smoothie

Locke playing chess with Smoke Monster

Psycho in the playground

(Via: Walyou)

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